Questions from visitors

Does a visitor have to download an app to use saferspaces?

Our approach is to make asking for help as accessible and anonymous as possible. Therefore, as a visitor, you only need to scan QR codes to contact the awareness team immediately.

Must visitors share his/her/they location?

Since each code in the Saferspaces system is stored with an individual location, visitors do not need to submit their own location information.

What if I want to move away from the code?

If a person wants to move away from the code, location sharing can be unlocked within the chat. The awareness team can then locate the affected person outside of the code location in order to help.

What do I do if the camera is taped up in the club or at events?

In contexts in which the regulation applies to mask cell phone cameras, this regulation is lifted exclusively for the use of saferspaces.

How do I find out about the possibility of using the codes?

At all locations where saferspaces is offered, you will find signs both in the entrance and in the various rooms, which on the one hand point to the application and on the other hand show the codes. Some clubs are already working with an awareness speech upon entry. This means that in addition to the generally applicable rules, the saferspaces offer is also briefly explained.

Do I have to describe my situation in a chat?

The chat is just an offer that you can use. If you don't write anything, the awareness team will get to you without a message.

What is the advantage of QR codes?

In addition to the fact that the codes offer you the option of reporting a situation anonymously, they also function as a bridge with a direct route to people who are trained to deal with critical situations and to take care of those affected. Visitors do not have to approach strangers in the hope of not overwhelming them and getting the appropriate response. In addition, visitors do not need to download an app and transmit a large amount of personal data in the process.

Questions from organizers

Can I also use saferspaces for short events?

Saferspaces can be used once or permanently. Due to the uncomplicated and targeted approach, little preparation is required to establish the infrastructure even in the short term. In order to make sure that trained staff is on site to deal with possible cases, we can also support you in finding the appropriate awareness staff for your event.

What are the costs for me as an organizer?

The costs are based on the maximum capacity of the venue. There is also a one-off onboarding fee, which is used to test the setting once with the relevant people, to clarify final questions and to ensure that trained staff is available to take care of those affected.

What is the advantage of QR codes?

In addition to the fact that the codes offer your guests a very low-threshold way of contacting the awareness staff, they have other decisive advantages. According to initial reports, simply by their presence in the room, the codes with the descriptions of their function already have a positive effect on the atmosphere among the people present. The visitors recognize a holistic security concept and opportunists are prevented from potential attacks. The QR codes also have the advantage that visitors only need a mobile device to benefit from the concept. There is no need to download an app. In order to find affected or observing persons, no location information needs to be requested from the guests, as all codes are stored with individual locations, which are transmitted to the team during the scan.

What infrastructure do I need to provide saferspaces?

The most important requirement is a functioning internet coverage so that the scans reach the awareness team reliably. Depending on this, the Awareness-Team only needs a tablet (recommended) or phone to coordinate the incoming cases. In addition to the application, we can also help you with the infrastructure and provision of the hardware. The entire system consists of three components: The administration in which the codes for the event are generated and the desired functions (chat, location release, emergency number...) can be stored. An app for the awareness teams in which the incidents are received and coordinated. The codes for visitors and employees to report unsafe situations. In addition to the technology, it is crucial that the people who accept the relevant cases are trained in dealing with those affected. If training or further education is required or desired, we will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant initiatives.

How do I make sure that the messages are actually seen?

It is important that at least one person is in the immediate vicinity of the end device that shows the incoming cases. As soon as a scan is made, there is a striking strobe effect and sounds.

How can I be sure that the codes will not be fraudulently scanned?

We are pleased to report from previous operations that there has not been a single abusive situation with regard to the codes. This has to do with the descriptions on the signs as well as with the individual steps within the application. After the scan, people are asked, for example, to specify whether they are observing or affected. In addition, we recommend a short speech at the entrance, which indicates both the desire for respectful togetherness and also possible consequences, such as a house ban, if the applicable rules are not observed.

Can employees also use the codes if they need support?

In fact, it's an important part of our approach, because many eyes are better able to ensure that everyone present is doing well. Both for their own cases of unsafe situations as well as when situations are observed, the staff has the opportunity to request support. Here there is the option of logging in via a scan before the start of the shift and then asking for help via a button. Employees also have two options for calling for help. On the one hand, an unsafe situation can be reported so that a person will go to provide support. There is also an emergency button for situations in which the awareness team is not needed alone, but the security staff should rush to help immediately.