Saferspaces for safer places

Saferspaces offers a low-threshold opportunity to contact trained staff in unsafe situations.

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Direct contact via QR code

With saferspaces, people can anonymously and easily contact trained staff and easily and ask for support.

Quick help nearby

After the scan, a few questions help to better assess the situation. The trained (awareness) staff is then immediately informed of the incident and the location of the code. Thanks to the transfer of location via the codes, those affected or those observing do not have to disclose any personal data and can remain completely anonymous if they wish.

Saferspaces also works web-based, which means that no additional app is required for use.

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For a respectful society

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Clubs and bars are indispensable places for social exchange for many people

To ensure each party stays safe and memorable in the most positive way, we create awareness and provide a way to call for help in any unsafe situation

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It is important to us that the safety of all people is guaranteed, even at large gatherings of people.

With saferspaces, major events will become safer for all guests. The application is suitable, for example, at concerts, festivals or in stadiums for sporting events.

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Public transport

With saferspaces we want to make public transport safer by enabling travelers to request help subway or suburban train stations, bus stops or even in train compartments.

Simple administration

With the administration platform, codes can easily be created and the accesses for the security team can be managed.


It is important to us that saferspaces can ensure a safer and more respectful togetherness in as many places as possible.That's why we decided on a pricing model that enables smaller venues as well as multi-day events to be used strait forward and cost-effectively. Therefore the prices depend on the visitor capacity of the respective location.

If the costs may exceed the framework, you are always welcome to contact us.

With the price calculator you can easily and transparently calculate your expected price.
Estimated price per month (12-month term)


All prices do not include 19% VAT.
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Saferspaces directs the principle of security from the feeling of being threatened to the feeling of being taken care of, and that through the visibility of a protection concept that can be used anonymously and thus extremely low-threshold, supported by a QR code and an app. Protection and care for every member of society should be a matter of course. The system of care and solidarity is used by saferspaces as a means of choice when it comes to safety in space, be it in clubs, at festivals or theoretically in all places where many people come together.

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Petra Ackmann

Chairwoman of Landesfrauenrat Hamburg e.V.

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In my opinion, saferspaces is a great step forward. There are always situations in nightlife in which people feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Especially on busy evenings, the bouncers cannot observe or properly analyze all situations, and guests are also often unsure whether they are assessing the situation correctly. Saferspaces offers very low-threshold access and is easier for many people than directly approaching a employee or stranger. The app allows you to remain anonymous to a certain extent. The app will give guests a safer feeling when going out in the future and clubs or bars will be able to react earlier and better in terms of unsafe situations within their location.

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Fenja Möller

Molotow Musikclub

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The nightlife should be carefree and safe for everyone. Unfortunately, even the most thrilling concert experience or the most ecstatic dance event can lead to sexual assault and discrimination. Saferspaces is an effective app that can be used to receive help quickly and anonymously in such cases, thus making a minimal contribution to the safety of concert and dance audiences.

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Frehn Hawel

Press officer Reeperbahn Festival

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