Saferspaces for safer places

Saferspaces offers a software application that provides quick and easy help for those affected.

A poster is hanging on a wall. It reads 'Do you or someone else need help?'. In the bottom right corner is a QR Code.
A hand is holding a smartphone. The saferspaces WebApp is open on the display. At the top it reads 'We are here for you'. Below that are three options: 1. I am affected, 2. I am an observer, 3. Call directly.
An open chat is visible. At the top it reads 'Main entrance'. 48 seconds ago. Our team has received your message. Below that, a few messages can be seen.

Anonymous and
easily accessible

By scanning location-based QR codes on the saferspaces posters, contact with trained staff can be established easily and at a low threshold. The staff will immediately know the location of the person seeking help and can respond immediately.

For a respectful society

Saferspaces complements existing safety concepts with an approach that aims to increase general well-being and actively promotes a more respectful coexistence in our society. Based on the principle of being there when help is needed, the software infrastructure is used in a variety of contexts:



If people are being discriminated against because of their gender, colour, creed, or physical or mental disability, it's important to provide an easily accessible way for them to report it.


Sexual Assault

The dark figures, especially for sexual offences, are alarmingly high. The saferspaces infrastructure offers affected people the opportunity to receive immediate and trained support.


General Incidents

Even in the events such as lack of accessibility, the loss of a child in a crowd or a panic attack, the location-based reporting feature provides the ability to call for help quickly and easily.


Abuse of Power

In instances of power abuse or authority, individuals can use saferspaces to anonymously report incidents and seek support, ensuring protection from personal repercussions, particularly within the workplace.


Escalation of Violence

Saferspaces' location-based reporting feature enables an immediate response to help those affected.


Reporting Feature

Visitors can use the application to access information about external support services and submit anonymous reports to the organisers, even in the absence of an on-site team.

home.digitalAwarenessApproach.kiwoEine Nahaufnahme des Rückens einer Person ist zu sehen. Diese trägt eine Jeansweste mit einem Aufnäher, auf dem ein lila Regenschirm, „Reeperbahn Festival“ und darunter „Awareness“ steht.

An innovative approach to awareness

With saferspaces, we are shifting the focus from „who did what?“ to „who was affected?“, taking a modern approach. Our application not only provides immediate assistance to those affected, but also provides valuable insights to improve awareness efforts in specific usage contexts.

Benefits of using

The application not only enhances the well-being of visitors, but also promotes sustainable security improvements through its innovative approach.

Direct Location

All QR codes on Saferspaces posters are location based, allowing our team to quickly identify the exact location of people seeking help.


Contact us without revealing any personal information; your privacy is completely protected.

No App
Download Required

Saferspaces operates via the web, so there is no need for visitors to download an app before an event.

Centred Approach

Instead of asking who committed a crime, saferspaces focuses on the question of who something happened to and how the person concerned can be helped in the best possible way.

to Reach

Staff can be reached by scanning a QR code, shifting from an active to a low-threshold approach for contact.

Collection of
Metadata for

Non-personal metadata such as time, incident type and location is collected to assess and analyse the security landscape.

Multilingual Support

Upon scanning, the system automatically detects the language of the user's mobile device and displays the content accordingly. (DE/EN)

Increased Sense
of Security

By directly engaging people in the physical environment, for example through posters, saferspaces increases visitors' overall sense of safety and well-being.

Independent Solution

Saferspaces integrates seamlessly with existing applications, allowing the awareness team to be easily accessible from any location.

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What our clients say
about us

Since 2021, our application has been used effectively in various sectors including nightlife, professional sports, major events and corporate environments, fostering a culture of respect and promoting safer environments.

Saferspaces shifts the principle of safety from the feeling of being threatened to the feeling of being taken care of.

Petra Ackmann


Landesfrauenrat Hamburg e.V.

We have the impression that our audience - through the address and use of the app - directly takes more care of each other.

Fenja Möller

Booking Agent & Promoter

Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion

The people who used the codes to get help were surprised at how quickly and reliably help was then on site.

Sandra Lechtenböhmer

Head of Awareness

Millerntor Gallery

A fixed component of the elaborated awareness concept of 1. FC St. Pauli is the use of saferspaces.

Sven Brux

Head of Matchday Organization & Fan Affairs

1. FC St. Pauli

Ein Mann und eine Frau sitzen lächelnd auf einem grünen, gemusterten Sofa in einem hell erleuchteten Raum. Die Frau trägt eine graue Jacke und Jeans mit neongelben Turnschuhen, während der Mann ein blaues Hemd mit Blumenmuster und schwarze Jeans trägt.Werbeposter an einer Außenwand mit dem Slogan 'We've got your back' in großen lila Buchstaben auf einem lavendelfarbenen Hintergrund. Über dem Text ist ein stilisiertes weißes Auge abgebildet. Im oberen linken Bereich des Posters steht das Log von 'saferspaces'.

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